About Us

At Craiks Creek we’re obsessed with providing outdoor enthusiasts with top-notch gear and clothing that will fuel your adventures. We’re driven by an unwavering love for nature and a burning desire to equip adventurers with the absolute best.

Craiks Creek was proudly founded by the Craik family in 2022 after Mrs Craik had bought two hammocks online, one for her and one for her husband, after receiving the hammocks they took them to the beach ready to hang, only to realise the straps weren’t included. After the disappointment of not being able to use the hammocks that day, they paid an extra $60 for the straps, one set of straps for her and a set of straps for her husband. Shortly after that, Mr Craik had the idea of launching their own store that sold hammocks, as well as other outdoor gear and clothing. After working tirelessly to build an online store, designing products and legalizing the business, Craiks Creek released their very own single and double hammocks that included the straps and everything needed to use out of the box, with no extra costs. To top it all off, the single hammocks, including the straps from Craiks Creek were actually priced lower than the straps alone from the other brand they bought from. This was all done while ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship.

Craiks Creek is dedicated to provide service and quality that customers deserve.