Creator Affiliate Program

Craiks Creek wants to partner with influencers & creators of all sizes. No matter if you’ve got 100 followers or a whopping 50,000, we’re eager to see what you’re about!

Creator Benefits

Creator Code

You’ll get your very own personalized coupon code which you can name whatever you’d like.

Earn Commissions

Get paid for each successful sale you refer.

Additional Opportunities

Our top creators will be first in line for any additional opportunities.

Referring sales is simple. When someone purchases using your creator code or link, you’ll earn a commission for referring them.

Here’s a few tips to get you started:

1. Social Media Bio’s: One of the easiest ways to refer sales is by simply placing your creator code in your social media bio’s and tagging us. Your followers will then know where they can use the discount code. For example, (Use Code ‘NAMEOFCODE’ @CraiksCreek). You can also use a link in bio tool if you prefer.

Screenshot 20231121 000357 Instagram
Example of Creator Code in Instagram bio.

2. Streamers: Kick streamers and Twitch streamers, can take advantage of the Panels below the stream in the About section. You can find plenty of panel templates online, just change the text to Craiks Creek and add your creator link.

3. YouTubers: If you’re a YouTuber, you can add your creator link to your video descriptions, just be sure to follow YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines on affiliate links.

  • Cookie duration 30 Days
  • Commission Rate 10%
  • Creator Code Discount 5%
  • Minimum Payout $50

Commission payouts are issued via PayPal every month for the prior month as long as a creator earns $50. If the total earned is less than $50, a creator’s commission rolls over to the next month.

Creator Application

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PayPal Email

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